Yes, there is science behind the trick that will make your life so much easier. With some simple steps you will see how easy it is to pick up the cables so they don’t get tangled when you put them away.

But before telling you how to solve this mess, we wonder…

Why do cables get tangled?

As a study by the University of California has shown, cables get tangled due to our own walking motion. With the steps, the inner sections of the cables become tangled, whether they are inside your pockets or in your bag.

Learn the 8-shape

The most effective way to prevent cables from getting tangled is to pick them up making an eight figure. Just place your fingers as indicated in this video and start making an 8 figure with the wires to pick them up. This way, they will remain intact wherever you place them.

Finally, you just have to give the final touch by introducing the jack connector through the 8 figure. Et voilà! Your cables are now well organised.

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