Have you ever noticed that a friend of you can hear sounds that you are not able to hear? Our hearing ability may vary depending on the nanopores in the ear. Depending on the size of these nanopores, sound is perceived differently from person to person.

According to a study from the MIIT, scientists have analysed and shown that hearing ability is closely related to the tectorial membrane. This is where nanopores are located and, depending on their size, they allow people greater or lower auditory capacity.

What other factors influence what we can hear?

In addition to the structure of the ear, there are other factors that influence our hearing ability, such as age:

  • Children are able to listen from 16 Hz to 25 kHz
  • Elderly people can hear up to 12 kHz

Guess who is able to listen up to 80 kHz?

Animals, of course! 


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