If you think Google Maps is just a maps app, you are wrong! What would you do nowadays if this tool did not exist? With these tricks you will learn how to get the most out of it so that you can use it every day.

Where did I park my car?

Forget about running around trying to remember where you parked your car a few hours ago. Google Maps does it for you already. Just open Maps, click on the blue location dot (remember to enable location on your mobile phone) and select Save your parking.

You will see now a P on the map, so when you come back you only have to go to that letter to find your car. Amazing!


Share your location with your friends

Just like WhatsApp, one of the latest Google Maps features allows you to share your exact location with your contacts. Just click on the blue location dot and select Share your location.

Use maps without internet connection

You are travelling and don’t want to waste your Internet data? Google has already done the thinking for you and gives you a solution. To go around with Google Maps using your smartphone without an Internet connexion, just follow these steps. Go to Maps and then select Offline maps Move the box to the area of your choice and save that part.

Create lists of your favourite places on Google Maps

We love to organise trips before we leave, and so do you! While you spend hours searching for restaurants, bars to have a drink or shops with the most original clothes, you can also save your favourite places to Google Maps lists. To access this tool, just enter the menu and select Your places. Go to Saved and start saving your places.

Automatic traffic alerts

Another Google Maps feature allows you to add your home or work location to get real-time information on how long will your daily journeys take. For example, in addition to traffic, it will also inform you about the weather before leaving home.


With these 5 tricks you can get the most out of Google Maps in your daily life and organise your own trips this year. 🙂

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