We are sure you will think more than once “I don’t have time to update my CV with my computer”. In the digital age there are more and more resources to facilitate the tasks that take more time every day. One of these tasks is to create your CV directly from your smartphone.

You will find in this post some apps that will help you create your CV directly from your smartphone or tablet. This will allow you to get your cover letter ready on your way back home for the next job vacancies.

1- Curriculum Manager

This app allows you to create your CV easily and intuitively. You just need to enter the data and then choose the style you want for your CV. In addition, you will be able to export it to PDF format

2- Curriculum app

Like the previous tool, this app allows you to manage all your data to update your CV on your device directly. In addition to being able to save it in PDF you can share it on your FACEBOOK or GOOGLE+ profile. There is also a paid version available to skip advertising and unlock more designs to add a stylish touch to your CV.

3- Microsoft Word

The classic word processor is an excellent tool to develop your skills and professional experience on paper. The mobile version of the popular tool will allow you to create your CV, share it via e-mail and save it on your smartphone to continue editing it on your computer from home.

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