You could already share your location with your contacts, but the new WhatsApp update allows you now to send your location in real time. Since a few days ago, the app allows Live Location on both iOS and Android devices.

Who can see your location?

This new feature is fully encrypted to make your location visible only to the user or user group who receives it. Besides, to increase the security of the new Live Location you can decide for how long you want to share your location in real time.

To use this new feature, just open a contact or group chat and select ATTACH > LOCATION. Press on SHARE LIVE LOCATION to see the map where you can choose for how long you want to share your location: 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. You can then add a comment and share it with your contacts.

You can stop sharing your location whenever you want, even before the time limit you set. You can stop sharing live location by clicking on the message or on the map on your screen.

How do I know if I am sharing my live location?

If you shared your live location but you don’t remember it after a while, just check your profile. You will see there if you are sharing your location in real time.

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