We are sure you spend most of your day listening to your music. At work, on your way home or walking down the street. Your favourite songs are a part of your daily routine. That’s why we want you not only to feel your music, but also to have your earphones as the perfect fashion accessory to wear on the street. It’s time for you to meet the new Energy Earphones 5 Ceramic.

The purity of the in-ear design

These earphones are made of ceramic material, so you can feel the quality of the materials from the moment you take them. They offer balanced sound, which allows you to appreciate the details of treble and the powerful bass. In addition, the Energy Earphones 5 Ceramic are fitted with a microphone to use the hands-free function.

Forget about tangled wires

They are fitted with a 120 cm cable so that nothing gets between you and your music on the street or in case you want to answer an incoming call. The cable has a flat design, so they won’t get tangled when you store them.

Protect your earphones wherever you go

A carrying case is included so you always have your earphones protected and can easily find them. Feel the comfort of having them always at hand wherever you are.

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