Quieres pasar archivos de tu smartphone o tablet a tu ordenador o viceversa pero no encuentras el cable y necesitas

You want to transfer files from your smartphone or tablet to your computer or vice versa but you can’t find the cable and you need to do it urgently (as usual). Don’t worry, we give you some practical solutions to do it wirelessly.

On this occasion, our colleague of the Energy Experience Store in Alicante, Victor Fantoba, tells you the best apps to transfer your files to your computer without having to connect any cable:

TelegramWe are sure you have heard about the WhatsApp competitor but you are not really sure about what it is. In addition to being a messaging client, it allows you to install it on many devices such as multiple tablets, mobile phones or even your PC without having to use several phone numbers.

It allows you to transfer any file up to 1.5 GB, be it photos, videos, documents, ebooks… and have it instantly available on the device where you installed the application.

cómo transferir tus archivos a tu PC con telegram

-WhatsApp: Telegram allowed us to install it on several devices. WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to do so, but we can install its messaging client on our PC or use its web version to send documents, photos or videos quickly and wirelessly.

transferir archivos a tu PC con whatsapp

-AirDroid: We set aside the messaging clients and talk now about a multipurpose application for the PC: Airdroid. Just access its website and register to download it. You can see the notifications of your linked device and, the most important thing, you can send files of any size, URLs, notes…


-Google Fotos: The winning application regarding photos and videos. You can activate the unlimited automatic copy that offers the application. Just access the website from your computer and sign in to your Google account to access all the photos and videos you took on a trip, during the day or whenever you want to share something with your PC.

You will only have to use the cable to charge your device and don’t be afraid if the charger input breaks, you will always have these options.

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