We are sure you love listening to music all day long wherever you go. At work to concentrate, doing sports at the gym or on your way home on the metro. If you have a Spotify account you’ll see there are endless possibilities to discover new music. To do this we propose some tricks that will help you to organize your favourite lists and find all your music in a few seconds.

How to organize Spotify lists

One of the first recommendations we give you is to take a few minutes to create folders to organize lists with common features. For example, you can create a folder of “soundtracks” and create different playlists inside sorted by romantic movies, drama, comedy, etc.

Enjoy the weekly discoveries to the fullest

This feature will allow you to discover great songs every week. Depending on your tastes and the hours you spend listening to music, the Spotify system recommends a selection of artists who may match your tastes. Let’s go!

How to find a previous song

Have you ever heard a song you loved and you forgot to save it? In the playback menu below you will find the “playback history” option. You can check the songs you have heard before to save your favourite ones.

Add Shazam songs

Spotify lets you synchronize the songs you have discovered on Shazam. So you can walk around a shopping centre, capture the song that is being played through the music thread and add it directly to your Spotify profile.

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