We are sure that more than once you have needed to find information quickly from your smartphone, but the answer wasn’t appropriate. Right now, Google makes these situations a little easier and we show you how to activate it.

On this occasion, our colleague from the Energy Experience Store in Alicante, Víctor Fantoba, tells you the tricks you can use with Google’s new assistant to access information on your mobile phone.

You must have at least the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version and keep pressed the central button of the navigation bar for the assistant to appear. Activate it, configure your tastes and that’s all! If you have taken the option to use it by saying “OK Google!” you won’t have to press any buttons.

What can we ask Google Assistant?

-Sing a song for me

-Tell a joke

-Who am I?

-What is the weather like?

-I want to play

-Set the alarm

-Remind me to…

-Send a message to…

-Take me to…


-Find flights from Alicante to Paris.

And much more things you will discover as you use it. We leave you with him, but don’t forget he’s a machine.

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