If you thought you knew everything about art references because of Pinterest or Instagram, you’re wrong. Tattoo art has its own social network. It is called Tattoodo and it has arrived to win a VIP place on your smartphone or tablet. This social network gives you the possibility of discovering new ideas that are classified by style (blackwork, minimalism, animals, series and film characters…) as well as by locations or most searched (including the most popular in your area, the most renowned tattoo studios in your city, etc).

The app features quite a visual interface. The most important thing about Tattoodo are the pictures, so you will be able to see the creations of thousands of artists in great detail. When you run the app, a tutorial explaining the app sections will appear. One of the most interesting options that it offers, which works similarly to Pinterest, consists in creating your own folders to save your favourite pictures. This way, you will be able to keep track of the tattoo designs that you come across while browsing tattoo styles.

Another main feature consists in being able to search images by typing key words. This way, apart from browsing the main sections on the app main screen, you will also be able to browse all sections to find reference images of a certain motif.

On the other hand, if your aim is to show the art tattooed on your body, you will get your own channel for that. You may sign up as a fan or as a tattoo artist and if another user likes your tattoo, he will be able not only to “Like” it or leave a comment but also to save it to his favourite tattoo folders.

And finally, being able to find tattoo artists or tattoo studios nearby will also help you to get to know the style of nearby professionals. This function is so far only available for some big US cities. We hope that new studios and tattoo artists join this network as time goes by in order to reach a wider number of people.

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