We live in a world where, the fewer obstacles we have in our day-to-day, much better!. That’s why we’ve come to make it a lot easier. Find out what it feels like to listen to your favorite music anywhere without connecting any cable to your smartphone. With The Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless you can walk, run, study or work without anything bothering you. Here’s how the technology incorporates these headphones.

True Wireless Technology. Forget the cables for always

The main feature of the energy earphones 6 true wireless is that they use Bluetooth connectivity to play music from your smartphone or tablet. These Wireless Headphones are linked to each other to get an optimal connection with your playlists.
The buttons embedded in one of the headphones give you absolute control. Change the volume of reproduction, pass the song or even answer the calls you receive with the built-in free hand function.

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