Cupid has done it again. He’s got 500 Energies to redeem for discounts on your Valentine’s technological presents. When placing an order over 30 €, you will be able to take advantage of this 5 € discount. This is the right moment to declare your love to that special someone who’s always on your mind by giving him/her an smartphone, tablet or e-book reader. Or you can sing his/her favourite song while playing it on an Energy Music Box or an Energy Tower. Become your most creative self!

This month you will also be able to take advantage of the February Energy Go offers to find the best technological gifts to give away on St Valentine’s Day. If you want to give away a smartphone, the top range model which is the Energy Phone Pro 3 comes with a free tempered glass protector to protect the smartphone screen. On other Energy Phones you can get up to 30% discount.

Or if you prefer, you can learn a choreography and declare your love while singing to the beat of this promotional Energy Tower or Energy Music Box.

Now you know. Don’t hold back this year and choose your song from the best Saint Valentine’s Day songs. It’s time to become your most talented self, and what better way than to let it out with Energy Sistem!

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