Are you ready to turn up your everyday volume? Put music to your routine and turn your week into a true adventure. The new Energy Outdoor Box has arrived to help you beat anything that gets in your way.

An all-round speaker for any space

The new Bluetooth speaker range comes with two main options which you’ll learn more about below. The Energy Outdoor Box Adventure is your perfect trail companion when you swap the city for mountain spots where music will be the beat to your walks. The other is the Energy Outdoor Box Bike that will help you get the rhythm you need while riding your bike.

The best feature in these two models is their resistance to extreme conditions: knocks, falls, dust, mud… Whatever it is, these speakers won’t stop playing your favourite tunes.

Both models offer a 10 W output and have a 2000 mAh and 14-hour life battery. The perfect setup to forget about charging the battery while you’re on your outdoor trails. And what if it gets dark on your walk and you need light? The Energy Outdoor Box has a built-in torch on one side to help lead the way.

Accessories that connect at any time

Both speakers have a built-in karabiner to hook on to any attachment point including your backpack. In addition, the Energy Outdoor Box Bike comes with an accessories pack so that you can easily fasten the speaker to your bike. There’s no need to worry about your device falling when you ride, as the speaker carrying case connects to the speaker’s structure and prevents any vibration when overcoming any kind of obstacle. This bicycle accessories pack will also be available separately so that you can use the Bike function even when you have an Energy Outdoor Box Adventure.

Now is the time to start your adventure! Get your playlist ready on your smartphone and follow our tricks on our blog to enjoy your music to perfection. Choose the route for next weekend and… let the music ride with you!

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