Did you know that the internet is more than 40 years old?, sending over 500 million tweets a day?, or that Greenland is the most connected country with 92 % of its inhabitants? What you sure did not know is that, in addition to these curiosities on the internet, today we give you a 20 % discount on the purchase of the second article. Oh yes!
Because thanks to the internet you can hear music anywhere, see your favorite series on a 5 screen ” or book a table in a restaurant in a matter of seconds. For all this we want to thank the digital age with this discount on speakers, tables, smartphones or our latest earphones for sport.
See what your nearest energy store is to know all the news we bring for this day. And if you prefer, you can also consult our website with the latest promotions and enjoy this offer.
What are you waiting for? Connect and give rhythm to internet day. 🙂
Promotion valid on 17th May only.The 20% discount will apply to the product of equal or lower price. It can’t be combined with any other Club Energy offer or discount and cannot be redeemed when purchasing refurbished products.

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