The new Energy Headphones 2 Bluetooth are an ideal fashion accessory. Designed to be used all day long, whether you’re listening to music or answering your calls. Versatile enough to be the perfect match of your everyday outfit.

Hours and hours of music

The new Bluetooth headphones provide up to 17 hours of non-stop music. But if you want to go on listening to music when you run out of battery, connect them to your device with the included audio cable.

And to take your audio experience to the next level, sync your Energy headphones with the Energy Music app and equalize the sound the way you like with the quick tips in this post.

Four colours to conquer the world

There’s a Energy Headphones 2 Bluetooth colour for everyone. Choose one of the four models (Beige, Blue, Green o Ruby Red) and hit the street to add colour to the city. The ear pads with over-ear design have been conceived to cover the ears completely. This way, you can wear them comfortably all day long, isolated from ambient noise.

Take them with you everywhere

Lightweight, adjustable headband and 180 degree rotating ear pads that make it very easy to fold your headphones. Take them along wherever you want with the included carrying case. Meet your new travelling companion.

Follow the style of our earphones with in-ear design

It’s time to add a touch of colour to your everyday life. The style of the new Energy Earphones Style gives you that touch of design that feels great, wherever you go.

These earphones with in-ear design give you maximum comfort, allowing you to forget you’re wearing them. The only thing that matters is the music you want to listen to, wherever you are.

If you want to know them in detail visit our website and choose the model that best suits your style. Welcome the perfect match for your everyday life!

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