AptX technology is the last step in terms of premium experience within the field of wireless audio. Users want to get rid of cables when using the new devices they buy, and that’s why Bluetooth earphones are increasingly in demand. The first Energy device to incorporate this new technology is the Energy Earphones Sport 3. Learn how it works here.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the aptX technology in Bluetooth headsets is now available. Specifically, in the Energy Earphones Sport 3 Bluetooth. Even so, what do we need to have on our devices such as phones or tablets?

Aptx is a codec that compresses the sound, for example, when we receive the signal on our smartphone, so that it reaches us via Bluetooth with the highest possible quality. This is one of the main advantages that it offers, since with this you get a higher quality audio experience.

Another advantage it offers is greater battery life. Using this audio transmission codec optimises the signal, so that the earphones need fewer resources to receive the signal.

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