We’re ready to pick out the essential karaoke songs while preparing for summer time. The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived: let’s choose THE SONG OF THE SUMMER 2018. The most important sweepstake of the year, the one that generates a list of the songs you’ll be hearing constantly in bars, pavement cafés and discos throughout June, July and August. What song is your tip for the top this year? Here’s our selection:

  • Lo malo – Aitana y Ana Guerra

It certainly looks like Aitana War will hit it this summer with Lo Malo. Who could doubt it?

  • Netta – Toy

The Eurovision 2018 winner has already made us dance like loons with this terrific number. Let’s see who’ll be first to try the chicken dance at the disco…

  • A partir de hoy – Sebastián Yatra y David Bisbal

Bisbal will have you dancing this summer with his new song partnered with Sebastián Yatra. “A partir de hoy” – I’m going to dance till I drop!

  • Ricky Martin – Fiebre

A summer classic. Can you remember any month of July without a Ricky Martin’s song?

  • Álvaro Soler – La cintura

This is the first single from his new album, Mar de Colores. Full of easy-going optimism and plenty of enthusiasm to enjoy summer evenings.

What do you think of our selection? These 5 songs are going to become very familiar over the next few months. If you think there are other tracks this year that should be in the competition for the Song of the Summer 2018, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to our playlist 🙂

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