In our everyday lives, we’re always hurrying from one place to another. Our days are full of challenges and we have a lot of things to do before we get home in the evening. So we’ve been thinking about how valuable your time is. And how a little bit of music can be good for you when you get the chance to relax, which we talked about in this other post.

Ready for everything

The new Energy Music Box 5+ portable speaker gives you the rhythm you need whenever you want it, with 10 W of power. This outstanding portable speaker is ready for any connectivity mode: Bluetooth 4.1, microSD cards up to 128 GB, audio-in 3.5 mm port, and FM radio.

A speaker with full connectivity, so that you’ll never have to go without your music again. And with these tips for managing your playlists, now you can enjoy each song whenever you want it.

A lot of yada yada

You get up to 14 hours of non-stop music. With the bass and treble booster, you can enjoy another power level wherever you are. And you can also answer calls and talk via the speaker with the hands-free function.

As well as the technical features, colour is also a fundamental part of the new Energy Music Box 5+. This portable speaker has been conceived to be a fashion accessory. If you take it to a friend’s house, they’ll want to keep it to enhance their décor.

How to use the equalizer settings with your Energy Music Box 5+

Now there are also equalizer functions on all Energy devices so you can get the personal sound you like. Do you prefer a deeper bass, or a stronger treble? As we said before, with the Energy Music app it’s quick and easy to adjust. Your everyday life is going to move to a different beat, that’s for sure. 🙂

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