The first RPG adaptation of Harry Potter’s magical universe is now available for mobile phones. It’s time to enter Hogwarts and discover the new stories in the best-known school of wizardry in history. Enter Google Play and let yourself be carried away by this new story.

As a fan of the saga, you can now enter this new story based on the books of J.K. Rowling set in the 80s. Be a part of Hogwarts in this era, as a wizard and attend the famous classes by Snape or McGonagall.

The video game has generated high expectations among players as it integrates interactive witchcraft systems and a plot which has the possibility of evolving in different ways. Depending on the decisions the player takes with the characters, the storyline will take one direction or another.

You can now download the new Harry Potter video game Hogwarts Mystery on your Android device, Energy Phone or Energy Tablet. Alohomora!

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