The Energy Tower 8 G2 is the sound tower that will fill out your living room with music thanks to its 120 W power and optical audio-in to play music. The new Energy Tower 8 G2 Wood represents the balance between the two. The new sound tower integrates perfectly into your home and in line with all decorative elements and provides you, at the very same time, with a high quality home audio experience.

This 2.1 sound system with 120 W power is the perfect device to enjoy high audio quality, both for listening to music or for plugging it into the television. Thanks to the optical audio-in, you will be able to feel even the most tiny sound detail of your TV. The perfect partner to watch films or the latest season of your favourite TV series. You also have the possibility of plugging the Energy Tower 8 G2 Wood into the RCA connection to broaden leisure possibilities.

The Energy Tower top panel will make it possible for you to control playback. Through this control panel you will be able to control the songs you’re listening to, choose your favourite radio stations or synchronize your tablet with your smartphone via Bluetooth to listen to the very same song in another room. Don’t worry! It also features a remote control in order to control all functions while you’re on the couch.

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