They’re here. So many months waiting for sunshine, lazy afternoons on the beach, and endless hours dancing round the pool. Summer is here and we want to celebrate it with you in a very special way. As usual, we’ve got discounts on Bluetooth speakers and special offers on sound towers, tablets and smartphones. Look what we’ve got for you in June!

Do not let the party at home stop

June’s special offers kick off with a promotion to liven up your house parties. The Energy Party 6 is the speaker you need now in your living room. It features a control panel with equalizer, LED lights which shine in time to the music, and a microphone included for your karaoke nights. Let’s dance!

If you prefer a speaker you can move from room to room easily, the Energy Music Box speakers are the perfect gadget. From the Energy Music Box 9 with 40 W of power and True Wireless Stereo technology (a wireless connection that enables to pair your Energy Music Box 9 to another unit to create a stereo sound system); through the Energy Music Box 7, with 20 W power and Bluetooth connectivity; to the Energy Multiroom Portable Wi-Fi which lets you control the music at home with multiple speakers connected through the Energy Multiroom app.

Music that goes with you

You’re certainly going to spend many hours on the move in June, whether it’s strolling along the beach or enjoying a long journey. To keep the trip entertaining, the Energy Headphones 7 ANC block background noise thanks to Active Noise Cancelling technology. Also designed to watch your favourite TV series and movies, the Energy Headphones 3 Bluetooth provide you with up to 12 hours of battery life. And if your battery runs out halfway through a binge-watch, just plug the included mini jack cable to go on enjoying your shows.

If your ideal June afternoon involves lots of sports, the Energy Earphones Sport will be your perfect companion on the daily run. They include hands-free function to answer phone calls without interrupting your workout. As well as these sporty earphones, the Energy Mp4 Touch Bluetooth also offers a great way to train to the beat of your music. It boasts FM radio and 8 GB internal memory, expandable by a further 64 GB using microSD cards.

Whether on a rooftop bar or by the pool, music gives you life!

This summer, you shall have music wherever you go. Did you say you fancy a dip in the pool? You can even get the Energy Music Box Aquatic wet if you want. If you’re planning a day out hiking in the hills, take music in your backpack with the new Energy Outdoor Box Adventure & Bike, thanks to the integrated carabiner. Both models are water-resistant and shockproof. These speakers can cope with everything! For those weekends in the city, the new Energy Music Box 5+ offers up to 14 hours playback and all connectivity options: Bluetooth, microSD cards, FM radio, and Audio-In.

Renew your smartphone

Discounts on smartphones are a great way to round off the month’s offers. In June you can get the Energy Phone Max 3+ with Bluetooth speakers included, or the Energy Phone Pro 4G Navy with AMOLED 5” screen, tempered glass, and free case for less than 130 €.

Always keep your battery topped up. An essential accessory for your pocket or backpack is an Energy Extra Battery. If you’re having fun outdoors, you can always do with a little extra energy.

To finish, have a look at the books set aside to read this summer with an Energy eReader Pro HD like this one. Your stories will always go with you and fill your summer days with thrilling adventures.

Do you still want more offers? Have a look at some of the other offers available for you on our website. There are also weekly draws at Club Energy, Energies to collect on social networks, and new products in the world of audio. Welcome to the most powerful June.

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