Music Day has arrived! Rock, grunge, heavy metal, rap, reggae, trap… whatever your favourite style, this year we want to celebrate this day with a lot of rhythm.

We are offering a 1000 Energies (10 €) discount on purchases of over 50€ valid to 23rd June (minimum payable amount of 40€ after applying discount). An absolute steal! If you are wondering which products you can use this discount on, worry no more. We’ll tell you about the latest models which include audio equipment to have proper parties at home.

  • If you want headphones to always have your music with you, you can now have the best style with a hint of colour. The new Energy Headphones 2 Bluetooth give you all the freedom you need to always have your music with you and answer phone calls without taking your phone out your pocket.

  • We know you also like to take music to friends’ houses or this summer’s upcoming parties. With the Energy Music Box 5+ Yall Edition you can enjoy up to 14 hours of music non-stop. Perfect for going to all the summer festivals you have planned.

Has this made you eager to celebrate Music Day in style? Check out the new models on our website and increase the power of your daily life. Go get them!

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