We have already marked a major event in the summer calendar and we can’t wait: WE’RE OFF TO THE FESTIVAL. To make the most of it in Yall’s company, we have decided to take the right devices along.

On the one hand, we have chosen the Energy Music Box 5+ Yall Edition, which will provide up to 14 hours of music non-stop to gear you up for the concerts. It has 10 W power and Bluetooth connectivity, a slot for microSD cards or a 3.5 mm audio-in, and features Radio FM. In addition, this speaker comes with a Yall personalised backpack and lanyard, perfect for taking your accessories everywhere with you.

You have 5 € discount on the Energy Music Box 5 + Yall Edition until June 11th

How can you take advantage of this discount? It’s very simple:
1. Log in to your Energy Club profile or register a new profile here
2. Add the Energy Music Box 5+ Yall Edition into cart and you will have the 5 € discount added in order
Only available in Europe

We’ve also thought about those nail-biting times when your mobile phone runs out of battery during a festival. Relax. With the Energy Extra Battery 5000 Yall Edition there’s no cause to fret. A compact, lightweight external battery to keep handy. You don’t need to mess around with additional cables with this 5000 mAh battery, since it has a built-in cable so that you’re able to charge your mobile phone any time.

You’ll be ready with these two accessories. This summer, we have chosen the festival atmosphere to take your music along with you everywhere. So get ready, because you’re going to recognise more than one Energy festival accessory at the events you go. See you this summer!

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