Months ago we presented our ad campaign “Sorry Silence” featured by YALL, the revelation band responsible for the hits “Hundred Miles” o “Together”. After the good results and the band predisposition we decided to collaborate again with them. Today we introduce the products designed by the YALL members in collaboration with Energy Sistem in a limited and exclusive edition.

Energy Music Box 5+ Yall Edition

Take your Music Box along to your favourite festivals and use Bluetooth, microSD cards or FM Radio to play your music. Enjoy 14 hours battery life as well as a limited edition backpack and lanyard

Energy Extra Battery 5000 Yall Edition

Rechargeable and compact. Perfect to keep up with your festivals or activities and provide your entire mobile universe with energy. Charge indicator, built-in microUSB cable with Type-C adapter, and additional USB output

Summer Campaign 

We have based our new campaign to promote these exclusive products using a full color design and a very catchy song created by YALL. Take a look to our plan:


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