Daily routine means that we spend all day away from home. This means always having our mobile phone nearby for making calls, snapping moments with the camera, sending Whatsapp messages, paying at the supermarket or finding a parking space. The usefulness of always having your mobile switched on for tasks such as these must have you wondering: “Will my battery last all day?”

In answer to this question, we give you 3 reasons why we recommend to always have an external battery at hand. That way, your mobile phone will always be there whenever you need it, whatever the reason.

  • Take it everywhere you go

The Energy Extra Battery 2200 is currently the most lightweight power bank available on our website. It fits in your backpack, handbag, or wherever you like! For example, the new Energy Extra Battery Yall Edition weighs only 120g.

  • Charge two devices at once

Want to charge your mobile phone and tablet at the same time? No problem. Your Energy Extra Battery lets you do it without the hassle. Charge the battery when you get home, and it will be ready to use next time.

  • Enjoy a carefree trip

With all the messing about international plugs, an external battery will get you out of many of those moments in which your mobile phone is about to run out of battery. It also fits in any piece of luggage when you’re exploring cities on foot.

These are the three main reasons why an external battery could be your ideal travel companion, whether it be in your daily life or when travelling or attending festivals. Visit our website to see all available Energy Extra Battery models and choose the one that suits you. See you soon!

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