Low? Medium? Bass? If you are unfamiliar with these 2 concepts, ask your smartphone or tablet.

Your device has learned to control the audio you hear. And how is it done? Through the app you can vary the equalization of the reproduction through two modes: The manual mode, controlling all the parameters of the reproduction to your liking, or the automatic mode in which the app equalizes your songs according to standards for the different styles. With both modes you have the freedom to manage the songs that play on your Energy Sistem device. So you let the sound adapt to your device so that it is heard as you like it.

This update allows you to connect to any of the following Energy Sistem devices to control your music: Energy Music Box, Energy Tower, Energy Headphones, Energy Earphones, Energy Party.

How can I update the app?

Within the app you will find a very simple interface:

1- Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone you just have to enter and you will see the following message. When activating the Energy Sound mode the application will take you to the next screen where you will have to select your Energy device to synchronize it.

2- After selecting your device, you can play your favorite music! Through the side menu you will access the ‘Equalizer’ mode. It is in this section where you will find all the sound modulation options to adapt it to your liking. You can adjust bass, mid or bass, as well as gain sound and add different effects to music playback. With this you will have a detailed control of the songs to adapt them to your liking. Feel like a true sound professional with the different settings offered by the new Energy Music app.

The new app is available for Android on Google Play and will soon be available for iOS devices.

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