It is not secret that in summer we wear brighter colours that go with the weather and, above all, the happiness of being on holiday. They can be pastel colours like sky blue or sand, or intense colours such as aquamarine. Summer is the time to wear high contrast outfits and create new trends.

These year’s holidays have been marked by simple tones such as maroon, military green or even monochrome. If you love these colours, the Energy Headphones 2 Bluetooth are the perfect accessory for you. In line with the neutral yet elegant colour trends, the new Energy Headphones Smart 6 can be combined with your outfit to create a high contrast look: during the day, by wearing warm colours like sand, or at night, by wearing a simple black and some details in passionate red.

If you’re into brighter colours, the Energy Earphones Style 1 and Style 1+ are the perfect choice for you. They’re just great to wear when going for a walk or doing sport. These earphones will add a bright touch of colour to every step.


Si eres seguidor de los colores más vivos, como el rojo intenso o el azul con un tono más eléctrico, los auriculares con cable Energy Earphones Style 1 y Style 1+ te combinarán perfectamente. Ya sea para salir a pasear o para hacer deporte. Con estos auriculares tienes un toque de color intenso en cada pisada.

Tus estilos de verano están llenos de color y, por ello, estos tres modelos de auriculares Energy te darán ese toque con el que marcarás la diferencia. Entra en nuestra web y elige tus colores favoritos para vestir en este verano.

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