We’re going to Germany! This year we are making our debut at IFA, one of the most impressive technology fairs in the world. From 31st August until 5th September we’re going to present new products and incorporated technologies. We are giving you the key information on what we are going to present in Berlin to keep you informed. Let’s start!

Voice Assistant. Use your voice to control everything.

One of the new features we will be presenting later this month is the new headphone voice recognition technology. As you are probably aware, in recent months assistants have been taking control of our everyday life. This technology helps us speed up tasks such as making phone calls and playing music with just a voice command. The Energy Headphones BT Smart 6 Voice Assistant will be our first headphones to incorporate this technology.

nuevos headphones smart 6 con tecnología voice assistant

True Wireless. Pair two speakers at the touch of a button

This is another feature that we have launched this year and that we will be promoting at the Berlin technology fair. Thanks to this technology you will be able to pair two Energy Tower 7 or Energy Music Box 9 and listen to your music with twice as much power or create a stereo sound system. You can also link your device to your TV to create a superior sound experience while watching series or films. You’ll only have to press a button.

Active Noise Cancelling. Forget about annoying noises

And last but not least, the final highlight that you’re going to see is ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) technology. The new Energy Headphones BT Travel 7 incorporate this technology to block background noise and enjoy a crystal-clear sound experience. We have received hundreds of requests for our headphones to incorporate this feature. Just by pressing the side button, you will activate this mode to boost sound at any given moment.

These three technologies are the three pillars we’re working on for our future audio products in the coming months. Stay tuned to the latest developments on our website and social networks to find out more about the latest technologies we’re going to introduce this year. We’ll bring you a souvenir from Berlin!

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