Earlier this month at the IFA Berlin fair, we presented the new headphones with a voice assistant able to connect to your device: the Energy Headphones Smart 6 Voice Assistant. Now that you can activate the voice assistant on your smartphone or tablet by pressing your headphones dedicated button, here is a list with the main commands for you to try:

nuevos auriculares energy headphones smart 6 con tecnología voice assitant

Set an alarm on your smartphone for the following day

By simply pressing the Voice Assistant button on your Energy Headphones Smart 6, you can adjust the alarm to make sure you don’t oversleep during the week:

  • Set an alarm at 7 in the morning
  • Wake me up at 6:30
  • Set an alarm every Friday at 8 in the morning

Go through your schedule

Make sure you don’t miss any appointments! Always have your meetings and important appointments outside work in mind:

  • When is my next meeting?
  • What plans do I have tomorrow?
  • Add an event in the calendar to have lunch tomorrow in Madrid at 2 pm
  • Add a reminder: Buy tomatoes at the supermarket

Call whenever you want

This function is perfect at times when you are busy and you want to make a call without getting distracted:

  • Call mum
  • Call Juan

What’s the weather forecast today?

Find out what temperature it is and the likelihood of rain at any time:

  • Is it going to be warm today?
  • What are the chances of rain in Barcelona?

Your travel companion

Need to know how to say “good morning” in German? Your voice assistant has it all under control:

  • Translate “hi, how are you” into Chinese
  • Interesting places to visit in Málaga
  • How many euros are 60 dollars?
  • At what time is my next flight?

Control your smartphone

You can also enable or disable functions on your mobile phone just by saying:

  • Enable flight mode
  • Turn off torch
  • Increase volume
  • Lower brightness
  • Open WhatsApp
  • Take a photo

The voice control options are endless. Now all you need to do is try out the most useful everyday commands on your Energy Headphones Smart 6 Voice Assistant. Buy your new headphones here and find out which new offers we have in store for you this month.

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