Is your Wi-Fi connection so slow at home that you think someone is “borrowing” it? Let’s catch the thief!

There is a fast option to see all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network:


It is an intuitive and effective mobile application. In order to check your Wi-Fi network, you will only need to connect your mobile phone to it.

Install the app, open it and wait until all the devices are found. You will see then the devices with the names and IP address. Remember you will also see the router and the phone from which you are connected. Keep in mind that if you have any other computer or device connected to the Wi-Fi it will also appear.

If you see more devices than you have connected, you should begin to suspect. Click on the unknown device for further information about its MAC address, model and brand.

And the mystery will be solved! This simple method will allow you to find out if someone is using your Wi-Fi.

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