Thanks to the way we use services like Spotify these days, your smartphone is probably carrying a huge music library around. If you want to enjoy these songs with high quality sound, we recommend having an Energy Music Box wireless speaker at hand, so you never run out of power.

The only problem is choosing the right speaker for your needs. You might think, “Do I want to use it at home, or always have it in my backpack? Am I going to take it down to the beach, or to the parties at my friends’ house?” This post tells you the key points to remember when choosing the best Bluetooth speaker for you.

Size and weight

When it comes to wireless speakers, size does matter. In the Energy Music Box range you can find both large speakers like the Energy Music Box 9 or Music Box 7, perfect to use at home, and the Energy Music Box B2, perfect to carry around since it weighs so little (214 g).


Just as size, power is very important depending on your needs. If you want a speaker to listen  to music outdoors, you’ll be very well-equipped with the 6 W power of the Energy Music Box B2, or the 10 W of the Energy Music Box 5. On the other hand, if you want a powerful equipment at home, the 40 W power of the Energy Music Box 9 can even reach 80 W if you connect two speakers of the same model to each other using True Wireless Stereo technology.


The key here is to choose a speaker which lets you forget about charging the battery while you’re out. The best option in this case is the Energy Music Box 5, which has over 20 hours of autonomy for uninterrupted listening pleasure.


We’re all getting used to connecting our mobile phones to other devices via Bluetooth (such as a hands-free device in a car). All our Energy Music Box have this main connection. Some of our speakers also have more playback options. For example, the Energy Music Box 5+ features most types of connections and inputs: Bluetooth, microSD cards, audio-in cable, and FM radio.

Water and shock resistance

With summer just around the corner, you’ll be interested in a water-resistant, shock-proof speaker. Whether hiking in the countryside or spending a day at the swimming pool, the Energy Outdoor Box Bike & Adventure are speakers which can put up with all this and more. They also include a torch function in case you’re out camping and need a bit of light at night.

As you can see, these are the five factors to remember when choosing the best wireless speaker for you. Our website offers all the information you need on the different models of Energy Music Box, so your choice really reflects your tastes and needs. See you soon!

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