The new Energy Fabric Box 3+ Trend and 1+ Pocket speakers have been especially conceived for those looking for devices that match their look and add extra style to their everyday outfit. These two speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 and True Wireless Stereo technology do not only play music wirelessly but can also be synchronized to play music simultaneously.

Energy Fabric Box, el altavoz bluetooth portátil de moda de 2018

Both products are compact in size, which makes it easier to carry them around. Their fabric front part adds to the stylishness that the device is known for. These speakers are available in four colours: Blueberry, Cherry, Grape or Kiwi. In addition to Bluetooth playback, they offer many other playback options: USB port, MP3 player for microSD cards and 3.5 mm audio-in to plug devices using a cable. They also feature a FM radio with auto search function and up to 50 presets.

Both the Energy Fabric Box 3 + Trend (with 6 W power and only 4 cm thick) and the Energy Fabric Box 1 + Pocket (3 W power) are the best accessories to enjoy your music in style.

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