Welcome to the Voice Assistant era. This is one of the technologies that will give more talk in the coming months. This function allows you to connect with the assistant of your mobile or tablet at the touch of a button in the Energy Neckband Smart 5 Voice Assistant. We tell you all about this new Energy Sistem device.

Press a button and you will be connected to thousands of possibilities

The Voice Assistant button is all you need to connect to endless information. Ask your headphones what time it will be tomorrow in your city, which is the billboard of the nearest cinema or ask them to call your grandmother without taking the phone out of their pocket. It is the definitive companion that will make it much easier for you.

nuevos auriculares Energy Neckband con tecnología Voice Assistant

Headphones with magnetic function to avoid tangles

The Energy Neckband Smart 5 Voice Assistant has a very useful function. The backs of the pads are designed with a magnetic material that joins them when you’re not using the headphones. this way you will avoid discomfort and entanglements.

Do you want more? Now you have up to 13 hours of non-stop music. Reserve now your Energy Neckband Smart 5 Voice Assistant with these headphones so that you never miss your touch of rhythm. to have them at home before anyone else.

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