Are you looking for a headset to wear at all times and that stick with your style? The new Energy Headphones Urban 3 on Bluetooth models and with cable will make you feel the rhythm while you walk around the city.

auriculares bluetooth energy para un estilo urban

Headphones designed to enjoy dizzying bass sounds

The new Urban Energy Headphones incorporate the Deep Bass function to enjoy a deep bass while you immerse yourself in your songs. They also have a microphone and playback control, to make it easier for you to answer your calls without touching your smartphone.

These headphones are available in two models. The Bluetooth version, with the colors Black and White; and the Mic version, with the colors Red and Blue. The metallic finishes give you the resistance you need to wear them throughout the day. In addition the foam pads give you a plus of comfort for a perfect fit.

auriculares energy con cable para un estilo urban

Now you can control playback from the device itself. With the buttons you raise and lower the volume, and also you move forward or backward in your music lists. All without having to take the phone out of your pocket.

Have you been wanting to know more details of these new headphones? Enter our website and discover in detail the news that bring the Energy Headphones Urban 3 to your day to day. You just have to choose the color that fits your style and you will be ready to dominate the streets with your music.

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