We present our new Smart product range with Amazon Alexa consisting of the Energy Smart Speaker 3 Talk, Energy Smart Speaker 5 Home and Energy Smart Speaker 7 Tower.

Two loudspeakers and a sound tower that incorporate the Amazon Alexa system. Through this intelligent system and the built-in omnidirectional microphones, users can ask Alexa about the traffic, the weather or tell her to play music. The only thing they have to do is press the Alexa button on the top panel or the remote control of the Energy Smart Speaker 7 Tower, or simply use their voice to enable Alexa when using the Energy Smart Speaker 5 Home and Energy Smart Speaker 3 Talk. This way, life is much easier.

Torre de sonido con Amazon Alexa

The Energy Smart Speakers can be enabled easily. These devices can be synchronized with any smartphone and tablet and connect to a Wi-Fi network through the Energy Multiroom Wi-Fi app. Users only have to follow the steps that appear on screen. Once paired, they can start using Amazon Alexa. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and the Energy Multiroom Wi-Fi app, users have the possibility to pair several devices and create a multiroom system, play music from Spotify and AirPlay, as well as listen to the radio online.

In addition to the features offered by Amazon Alexa, all Energy Smart Speakers play music via Bluetooth as well as via 3.5 mm audio-in by means of a cable. The Energy Smart Speaker 7 Tower also plays MP3 files from USB sticks and microSD cards.

nuevo altavoz Energy Smart Speaker Home con Amazon Alexa integrada

  • On the one hand, the Energy Smart Speaker 3 Talk has a 1.0 loudspeaker with 5 W power, a passive membrane and up to 6 hours of battery life.
  • On the other hand, the Energy Smart Speaker 5 Home, a 2.0 system with two 8 W full range speakers and a passive membrane on the front, offers 16 W power.
  • And last but not least, the Energy Smart Speaker Tower 7 consists of two 20 W full range speakers, as well as a 5 W tweeter and Bass Reflex to provide users with 2.0 sound and 40 W power.

The Energy Smart range has its own design which distinguishes these devices from the rest of audio products. They have been specially conceived to integrate into your home while respecting the aesthetics, no matter where you place them.

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