Live your music wherever you are with the trendiest design. This new loudspeaker with coloured lights features a front panel of LED lights to liven up any moment with your favourite music. The top surface includes a button to change the light mode. This way you can choose the rhythm that best matches the music you listen to. It’s time to throw a party wherever you are!

Twice as much power with True Wireless Stereo technology.

One of the most popular features is the possibility of pairing two speakers.  Get twice as much sound power and listen to your music through both devices at the same time. You won’t need any cables. True Wireless Stereo technology makes it possible. We will tell you more about it in another post.

Choose your favourite colour and the way you listen to music.

This new loudspeaker with coloured lights is available in two colours: Amethyst and Granite. The next step is to choose which playback mode fits best your style. The Beat Box 2+ Lightcube includes Bluetooth 4.2 playback, slot for microSD cards and FM radio.

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Yes, that’s right! If you are a Club Energy Sistem member you can make the most of it and enjoy your audio devices with a three year warranty. In addition to this, our club members have many other advantages that we will explain later on in this post, such as exclusive discounts and promotions.

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