Life is a playlist. No one can deny this because there is always a song that defines each moment: happy, melancholic, energetic or romantic. We are surrounded by songs and many of them move us and leave a strong impression on us. They are turning points that take you forward, make you relax or keep you motivated at work, while you travel or when you do sport.

That’s why this year we’ve set ourselves the challenge of finding a soundtrack of our choice for every moment. With this in mind we have created The Stage by Energy Sistem, a new video platform on which the stars are the young musical promises in our country. This is a new space on Youtube that compiles the music that we’re producing together with the artists who want to be part of this initiative.

The content will be their own songs. The artists will perform these songs on their own music videos. This way, you will discover new tracks to listen to every day, wherever you are. The variety of styles will be present in this new project, as there is room for a myriad of well-known genres and more revolutionary proposals. To inaugurate the channel, we have chosen the M-Clan classic, Oigo música en todas partes (in English: “I hear music everywhere”), a song whose emblem is the importance of music in our lives.

To launch this new project to the top, we are going to count on the participation of five artists who have been playing this song in Spain in the last few months:

  • Arkano has music in his blood. He has spent more than 24 hours rapping non-stop, thus beating a world record. His rhymes change the world and you will feel them with every move. Enjoy the purest street style.
  • DJ Soak is the flagship of this genre. His adeptness with plates and scratch has taken him to the top of the national podium, becoming the Spanish Turntablism Champion. He has been playing at festivals and venues around the country for over 13 years. He’s going to send chills through your spine. 
  • When it comes to energy, Beauty Brain are real experts. This duo mix trap with electronics and transport you to a world of beats. Their sessions are a real roller coaster of rhythms. Ideal for jumping non-stop with each track they reel off.
  • The singer-songwriter, Nat Simons, will accompany you in this adventure. Her voice will take you to the latest country music. You will experience new sensations and she will help you leave your worries behind.
  • Paula Valls will give you that touch of colour. She knows what it’s like to have style. Through her sweet voice you’ll uncover the hidden secrets of jazz and soul. A genre into which she delves deep with consummate ease. You will want to discover the styles and designs that match your musical tastes.

Each one has brought their own particular style to the song. The ingredients needed to cook up a cover version that will allow you to find out about the talent that is emerging in Spain. And this is only the starting point. More contents, more talent and more music will be here in no time.

Now that you know the five names of the artists represented in The Stage, all you have to do is discover their talent. Click on this link and discover the songs that are going to transport you to new sensations any time.

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