We present a new way of enjoying your favourite music at home with Alexa voice assistant. The new Energy Smart Speakers provide the sound your home needs. In addition to playing your music, you can ask them to check your calendar or the news of the day, take voice-guided meditation classes in your living room, or even order pizza to be delivered to your house.

You’re about to enter an infinite world of voice commands. Thanks to its extensive catalogue, Alexa allows you to download hundreds of Skills on the Amazon website that will help you in your everyday life.

  1. The first thing you have to do is download the Energy Multiroom Wi-Fi app available for Android and iOS devices.
  2. Once you’ve installed the app, turn on the speaker and wait for the setup mode to be enabled. You’ll know this mode is enabled when the heart LED light starts flashing. If it doesn’t light up, press and hold the Change mode button.
  3. Select “Add device” in the app.
  4. Choose your speaker model and press “Connect speaker”.
  5. At this point, the speaker will automatically generate a new Wi-Fi connection port. Now all you have to do is access your Settings menu on your mobile phone and connect to the Wi-Fi network with the speaker name.
  6. Go back to the app and select the new Wi-Fi network you are connected to.
  7. The final step is simple. Just follow the tutorial to log in with your Amazon account and select the default language you want on your new Energy Smart Speaker. That’s it!

After completing these steps, your Alexa powered speaker will be paired to your mobile phone. From that moment on, you’ll be able to enjoy all its functions. In this other post we’ll show you the basic commands you can use with your Energy Smart Speaker straightaway.

If you have any questions, leave your comment in this post and we’ll help you. It’s time to step up the pace with your new Energy Smart Speaker!

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