In the midst of the digital era, the importance of e-commerce is undeniable. Customers use the Internet to search for information about products, check prices, compare, etc. and, obviously, to buy. Despite this growing trend, points of sale continue to prevail as the strategic centre of all commercial activity.

According to Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), 76% of purchase decisions are still taken at points of sale. Creating a unique in-shop experience is therefore crucial for the customer journey to end in a purchase. To achieve this, it is essential to have a good image of the product range and grab people’s attention in the shop.

This is something that is very clear to our Energy Sistem’s team.That’s why, we provide our product display stands with an attractive design aimed at creating a strong visual impact. We make a huge effort to ensure that each of our products is displayed with creative elements that help them stand out and attract customers’ attention. You can find all our point of sale solutions (display stands, creative images, merchandising, etc.) on our partners’ website. Just open the “point of sale” section in the Marketing window or click here. You can add everything you need to your order by filtering the “point of sale” option or by clicking here. If you prefer, simply contact your salesperson and let him or her know you’re interested. He or she will give you all the information you need.

We always endeavour, whenever possible, to let customers try out products. According to Mood Media’s study “The state of the physical shop: 2017”, 80% of customers in Spain mentioned “the possibility of touching, feeling and trying the product” as the main reason for buying in a physical shop. This is a very revealing figure which should encourage you to display more products in your shop. To reinforce this decision even more, Energy Sistem offers you the possibility of using display products to use as samples in your display stands. This is subject to negotiation with your salesperson, so all you have to do is let him or her know you’re interested. Your assigned salesperson will explain the best way to acquire them.

Turn your customers’ shopping experience into something relevant and unique!

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