Do you want to go running today or would you rather stay at home? Every moment has a song and every song has its moment. In this post we will show you all the playlists we’ve created for you on Spotify.

They feature our artists from The Stage. You’ll find the songs you love there. That’s for sure. Let’s go for it!

  • Music for Travel Moments: One of the things we love to do the most is to travel. Who doesn’t like to feel real freedom and leave the routine at home for several days? Our Spotify list has been created to enjoy your trips and make the most of this feeling.

  • Music for Smart Moments: Do you always crave for new music trends? We love discovering new styles, melodies and rhythms with an electronic touch. DJ Soak is an expert when it comes to this. That’s why, this new playlist starts with his hits. Get to know new beats and fall once again in love with those great tunes that you haven’t heard for a while. Time to step-up the beat!

  • Music for Style Moments: We all need a moment to relax, disconnect and let our mind rest. The soothing and magical voice of Paula Valls has made it to the top of this Spotify playlist for those everyday moments. This playlist features the essence of the latest music in order for you not to lose sight of the style that defines you.

  • Music for Sport Moments: It’s time to get moving. This Spotify list for the gym, for a sports session at home or to go running is going to be your source of motivation. The kings of mambo have a name: Beauty Brain. Listen to their mashups and collaborations to discover a new way of feeling the energy during your training sessions.

  • Music for Urban Moments: Urban style is in. For the past several months, urban artistic expression has gained recognition since the arrival of trap music. In this Spotify playlist you’ll find new underground musical voices that are making the news. Let yourself go and discover the latest musical trends.

But it doesn’t end here. New names will go on appearing on The Stage. Take a look at all the latest music available for you on our website. It’s time for music to be heard everywhere.

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