Now that the festive season and the “post-Christmas hangover” are over, we take a look to 2018 and realise that it has been a year to remember.

It was a year in which both the brand and the company evolved a lot. A year filled with new products and success, which is the result of working with our distributors and even our customers.

A year like this doesn’t go unnoticed! That’s why the Spanish media were eager to inform about it. Here is a small list of the most noteworthy appearances:

It was also a year in which we grew a lot internationally. As a result, our brand has also gained greater prominence in international media. Mexico, France, the UK, Germany, Portugal… Next destination? The whole world!

It’s not just because we or the media say so. The fact of the matter is that last year Energy got lots of awards:

  • ADSLZone Award: Best economy range tablet, Energy Tablet Pro 3.
  • On OFF Award: Best sport earphones, Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless.
  • Finalists in the 2018 COAC Award for Commercial Excellence: Energy Sistem, for its innovation and technological design.
  • Finalists the In4Bankia Award: Energy Sistem, in the category “Best Innovation, important business progress development”.
  • Nominated for the EUIPO Awards: Energy Sistem, recognition to the company and the designers for creating an excellent design with support and protection of the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
  • El Grupo Informático 2018 Awards: Best speaker, Energy Smart Speaker 5 Home and nomination for Best headphones, Energy Headphones BT Travel 7 ANC.
  • Nominated for the 2018 Computer Hoy Awards: Best entry-level smartphone, Energy Phone Max 3+, Best audio device, Energy Tower 2 Style and Best tablet, Energy Tablet 10″ Pro 4.


We organised an amazing marketing campaign together with the Yall group, which was our summer campaign. Products, communication, a whole world!

sorteo de invitaciones a la fiesta yall party en el low festival

Not to mention how exciting it was to share the Low Festival with the Yall DJ’s, with our own stage, stand and VIP Pool Party! An incredible opportunity to get closer to our customers.

But without a doubt, the best initiative we carried out last year was the stand we set up at the IFA trade fair (Germany), which proved to be a great success! The number of wholesalers, distributors and end users that stopped by was pleasantly surprising. An experience that, needless to say, we won’t be missing this year!

We ended the year with our new brand approach: MOMENTS, leaving technical specifications in the background and enhancing the emotional connection with end users to understand their real needs. This new approach accompanied our Christmas campaign, THE STAGE, a platform where we want to make music. This way, we allow new talents to take centre stage and help them become stars.

In short, it was a memorable year.

Thank you very much for coming along throughout this wonderful year.

Let’s continue sharing many years of success!


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