Say goodbye to cables. With the new Energy Earphones Urban 4 you won’t have to deal with those irritating tangles anymore.  Simplicity is the only thing that matters when it comes to connecting with your music. Therefore, today we’re introducing our new true wireless touch headphones featuring Touch Control.

Tap the earphones once to access several functions:

  • Play/pause: just tap twice the Energy Earphones Urban 4. 
  • Turn them off: press and hold for eight seconds. The most common way to turn off the earphones is to place them in the charging case.
  • Switch to the previous/next song: press and hold for two seconds. If you execute this command on the left earbud, you will go back to the previous song. If you do this on the right earbud, you will move forward to the next song.
  • Disconnect the earphones from your smartphone or tablet: just tap three times to reset the earphones and reconnect them to the same or new device.

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