Now’s that the new year has begun, it’s the right time to do some sport and get into top shape. Scientific studies have shown that listening to music while training can increase your motivation by 30-35%. Now you’ll achieve what you set out for you while enjoying your songs with the new MP3 Clip BT Sport player.

This device includes a reflective armband to attach the music player. This way, you can listen to your favourite playlists while doing sport. Just connect your mobile phone to the MP3 player via Bluetooth and you’ll be ready to go. We’ve already compiled a Spotify list that’s perfect to motivate you: Music for Sport Moments.

The Mp3 Clip BT Sport has 16 GB internal storage space, expandable by a further 128 GB via microSD cards. Fulfilling your 2019 sports goals is now completely within your reach. Go for it!

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