Frame Speaker Flamingo by Monica Jimeno

Monica Jimeno, a Spanish artist born in Madrid, defines her works as “An explosion of colour to brighten up those dull days”. A realistic style with vibrant colours painted in oils and acrylics. The diverse techniques used by the artist during the creation process give as a result paintings that reveal her eagerness to express emotions. Each work has a unique and different energy.

Flamingo is a work by the Spanish artist Monica Jimeno. For this realistic painting, the artist has chosen vibrant colours that express energy and passion. This is the common element of the entire “Birds” collection in which the artist portrays different exotic birds on a white canvas.

Frame Speaker Forest by Samuel Cano

Samuel Cano, a Spanish photographer born in Alicante, defines himself as a multidisciplinary, patient and enthusiastic photographer. His career started with a trip to Bangkok. Soon afterwards he became known for his unique landscapes. After some time capturing hometown scenes, he worked for internationally renowned companies. Currently focused on fashion photography, he never ceases to amaze his followers with photos of his trips and personal experiences.

Forest is a work by the Spanish photographer Samuel Cano. Thanks to his patience and passion for unique scenes, he captures this natural landscape in such a way that it feels like entering a Swiss forest.

Frame Speaker East Beach by Antonyo Marest

Antonyo Marest was born in the Mediterranean. The warmth of the water and the blue skies helped him build up much of his optimism, something strengthened by the experience gained from his trips around the world. The artist has organized multiple exhibitions that reveal his creative work in spaces that go from museum rooms to streets.

The figure of the palm tree is one of the most recurrent motifs in his work. The artist identifies this element with several aspects of his own biography. The palm tree appears as a symbol of endurance at all times, a trait linked with his life experience so far.

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