We present the Frame Speaker range: three limited edition works on canvas that exhibit the creations of leading Spanish artists and incorporate the best audio technology. East Beach” by Antonyo Marest, “Flamingo” by Mónica Jimeno and “Forest” by Samuel Cano are the result of this project. The new and exclusive Energy Sistem products support the brand’s commitment to encouraging artistic talent while incorporating music into home decor.

These Frame Speakers are powerful 50 W 2.1 stereo systems made up of two 10 W mid-range speakers and a 30 W subwoofer. Their wireless design comes with a remote control that allows users to control all functions from afar. They work with a battery that provides 20 hours of battery life and include Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. They also feature an FM radio to tune in to radio stations and programmes.

One of the distinguishing features of this speaker range is True Wireless Stereo technology, which enables users to simultaneously play music through two Frame Speakers, even if they are 10 metres apart. This means you can enjoy a complete sound system and decorate your home walls at the same time.

On the left side of the device there are different connections to play MP3 files from USB sticks or 128 GB microSD cards.

Frame Speaker East Beach

The multi-talented artist from Alicante, Antonyo Marest, drew inspiration for his work “East Beach” from the Mediterranean coast, the place where he grew up. “East Beach” transmits the warmth of the Mediterranean waters and the blue skies to create a visual experience full of optimism, something strengthened by the experience gained from his trips around the world.

Frame Speaker Flamingo

This work by Mónica Jimeno reflects all her passion and energy thanks to the vibrant colours used by the artist. “Flamingo” is part of the “Birds” collection in which the artist frees her creativity by portraying exotic birds and adding an explosion of colour. This way, she identifies the flamingo with enjoyment and emotional release.

Frame Speaker Forest

“Forest” instantly takes us to a Swiss forest, full of immensity and purity. This spectacular natural landscape photographed by Samuel Cano is the result of his enthusiasm and patience to capture unique settings while travelling.

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