Bye, cables! Just a few days ago we presented the new Earphones Urban 4, our new wireless, in-ear design earphones to say goodbye to tangles. Simplicity is the most important thing when it comes to connecting to your music. Today we’re here to help you master Touch Control, the new function of these new True Wireless touch earphones.

With just one click you will access several functions:

  • Play/pause: just press twice the button on the Energy Earphones Urban 4.

  • Switching to the previous/next track: press and hold the earphones built-in button for two seconds. If you do this on the left earbud, you will go back to the previous song. If you do it on the right earbud, you will switch to the next song.

  • Turning them off: press and hold the earphones built-in button for eight seconds. The most common way to do this is nevertheless to place them in the charging case.

  • Disconnecting the earphones from your smartphone or tablet: tap three times in a row to reset the earphones and connect them once again to the last connected device or, if you prefer, to a new device.

Now that you’re an expert in Touch Control technology, let your customers know about it when you show them the product. They’ll be speechless! Do not hesitate to share this post with them if there are any questions.

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