A hectic weekly routine means you need your favourite music to get through it. The Bluetooth earphones have become another accessory to take in your rucksack every day. That is why we have thought of music lovers who always want some compact earphones to hand. Always ready to connect to your phone and listen to Spotify playlists like this.

Among the different models of audio devices, earbuds provide better ergonomics because of their shape. This is one of the main advantages of the new Earphones Style 2+. Comfort as a lifestyle. The earphones design is aimed at boosting the bass sound quality of your favourite songs.

Someone is calling and you want to answer? No problem. The Earphones Style 2+ include a multifunction button to answer calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. This button also allows you to control music playback with different taps.

These new earphones are available in four colours, and are especially recommended for this spring’s fashion. Which model is your favourite?

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