Music is the main ingredient to make the most of your sport sessions. Pop, Indie, electro… it doesn’t matter the style you prefer for your workouts, songs are those beats that help to boost our performance.

You have to pay great attention to the rhythm during your sport sessions. It is the element that sets the pace of your workouts, increasing or decreasing your heart rate and staying with you while exercising in order to keep your motivation high at all times. This is why we bring you a selection of the best music to enhance your motivation during each phase of your workouts. Let’s go!


Warming up is the first important part of a workout session. Many don’t appreciate these first 5-7 minutes to get ready, but they actually should: warm-ups are essential. In order to prepare your body before the main phase of exercise, we bring you a selection of songs that are suitable to increase your heart rate steadily.

Phase of exercise

Once your body and heart rate are ready, you can start your exercise routine. In order to enhance your motivation, you should choose the music that matches the kind of sport you play. It doesn’t matter if you’re into fitness, running, crossfit… what is important is that your body and mind reach optimal performance with the best music to enhance your motivation.

Sit-ups and stretching

Before cooling down, it is important to spend a few minutes stretching in order to prevent future injuries. We bring you the perfect music selection to get your strength back during this last part. Now you can rest, drink some water and feel how energy flows through your body.

Perfect! Now you have competed your workout session with the best music to enhance your motivation. What songs will you choose next time?

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