Outdoor Box speakers have been created to turn all outdoor spaces into the best possible auditorium. While most traditional portable speakers project sound using the front panel, the Outdoor Box Beast projects sound in all directions thanks to its omnidirectional drivers. Users are able to immerse themselves in music thanks to the provided surround sound, even when being outdoors.

The Outdoor Box Beast also stands out for its power and high sound quality: 60 W power, four 3″ dynamic full range speakers, two passive radiators with 4” membranes and a 24-bit digital sound processor (DSP). It also features an equaliser button to get the best possible sound outdoors.

The 2600 mAh battery offers 14 hours of battery life while the sturdy materials provide resistance to dirt, water splashes and bumps. All these features turn the speaker into the perfect companion for the most extreme activities.

In terms of connectivity, the Outdoor Box Beast features Bluetooth 5.0 (class II) to enjoy wireless playback, microSD MP3 player and audio-in to plug a 3.5 mm mini jack. It also includes an FM radio with auto search function and the possibility of saving up to 50 presets.

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