All-in-one speaker with everything you need to start the day on the right note: five alarm sounds including FM radio and removable storage units. It also features Bluetooth technology, USB/ microSD MP3 player and wireless charging dock.

We present a new speaker for anyone who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. The new Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge means users will no longer be bothered by the discomfort of traditional ringing alarms since this all-in-one audio device featuring alarm clock gives them the opportunity to start the day much more pleasantly. As if this weren’t enough, it also provides users with their favourite music throughout the day. In addition, this device has a smart, minimalist design to fit perfectly in any room.

Waking up with music is much better

This modern alarm clock has 5.0 Bluetooth speakers to listen to music wirelessly, any time. It delivers 2.0 stereo sound and features 10 W power and bass enhancement system consisting of a double passive membrane for crystal clear, high quality sound. Its Qi standard wireless charging system is another outstanding feature.

The Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge also has an FM radio tuner with 50 presets, a USB port, microSD player and 3.5 mm mini jack auxiliary audio-in to connect other devices. All these options can be set when alarm clock mode is enabled.

This alarm clock speaker allows users to set two alarms separately, — one for working days and another one for the weekend, for example—. It also features a snooze function to repeat the alarm every five minutes and a timer to set the time to turn off the sound—up to three hours in advance—. A backup battery is included so the device will continue to work even if there is a power cut.

In terms of design, the Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge has a large display with adjustable brightness so you can see it clearly in all lighting conditions.

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